Office of Residential Life

Written by Sally Sinor, Project Archivist

Office of Residential Life
1905– Present

From its humble beginnings in George W. Frank’s Green Terrace to the basement of Old Main (the original Administration Building), Residential Life has played an important role in student life on campus. In 1930, Kearney State Teacher’s College built the first official dormitory on campus, Case Hall. Named after Eva J. Case,  the first preceptress at Green Terrace, it was constructed in 90 days of steel and concrete in the location of today’s Nester Hall.

UNK Archives and Special Collections was offered some of the  materials of the Office of Residential Life to ensure their longevity and to provide access to students and researchers. The collection includes scrapbooks, correspondence, new clippings, and publications as well as audio and digital files.

Personal/Family Papers

Written by Sally Sinor, Project Archivist

Personal/Family Papers

In addition to collecting about material about the institution that is now the University of Nebraska at Kearney, UNK Archives & Special Collections also seeks and retains material about the history of education (we did begin as a normal school) as well as materials that document the lifestyles and culture of central and western Nebraska.  In fact, many people are often surprised at the range of materials we collect for research and scholarship.

Do you have old family photos, videos, and papers you don’t know what to do with? Donating them to UNK Archives & Special Collections means they will be maintained and accessible for future generations of your family. Contact Laurinda Weisse (865-8593) or Sally Sinor (865-8591) to find out more information.

Office of Multicultural Affairs

Written by Sally Sinor, Project Archivist

Office of Multicultural Affairs
1995– Present

On November 21, 1968, at the request of Dr. Gordon Blake, faculty members from Kearney State College met to discuss the growing international student population and how to best serve them.  This meeting lead to the formation of the International Students Association and the Spring Festival. The Office of International Education in Student Affairs was formed in 1989 and then split in 1995 into the Office of International Education and the Office of Multicultural and International Student Services.

UNK Archives and Special Collections was offered the older materials of the Office of Multicultural Affairs to ensure their longevity and to provide access to students and researchers. The collection includes scrapbooks, correspondence, new clippings, and publications as well as audio and digital files.


Juanita Girls – Delta Pi Beta – Chi Omega

Written by Sally Sinor, Project Archivist

Juanita Girls-Delta Pi Beta-Chi Omega

Founded in 1911, The Juanita Girls were the first sorority on campus. When “Greek” organizations became popular across the country, the sorority became Delta Pi Beta in 1943. In 1962, they transferred the national sorority of Chi Omega as the Iota Zeta Chapter.  Low membership forced the Chapter to close in 2000.

The materials of the sorority were held by the UNK Alumni Association until they were deposited by the membership with UNK Archives & Special Collections following the annual reunion of 2016.


Center for Service Learning

Written by, Laurinda Weisse, Archives Librarian

Center for Service Learning

The recently-closed Center for Service Learning, founded in 1999, was a long running project of UNK’s School of Education, led by Director Geraldine Stirtz. It grew from classes such as Human Services Field Experience and from the Community Education Resource Center. The Center for Service Learning’s goals included: increasing awareness of community needs, supporting faculty efforts to include community service in their curriculum, making community members more aware of service, and educating students so that they can later include service as a component in their own teaching. When it closed its doors, Director Stirtz contacted her library representative, who brought in the Archives. We worked with Director Stirtz to transfer her materials, related both the Center and to its predecessors, to the Archives.

Biology Department

Written by Sally Sinor, Project Archivist

Biology Department

The department of Biology has existed at the University of Nebraska-Kearney since its inception as a State Normal School in 1905.  The third floor of the Administration building contained four science laboratories, lecture rooms, and a storeroom.  Miss Carrie Ludden was one of the first biology instructors at the Normal School.  She began as an assistant in the department in October of 1906, but because of her ability she was placed in charge by 1912. 

UNK Archives and Special Collections is proud to care take the materials of the Biology Department as well as collections from faculty members such as Dr. William Bruner and Dr. Joseph Springer.


Pride of the Plains Marching Band

Written by Katy Anielak

Pride of the Plains Marching Band

The University of Nebraska at Kearney has a rich history with many memorable organizations that have existed throughout the years. One prominent organization that has thrived throughout Kearney’s history is the UNK Band. Over the years, the band has performed many different numbers and, luckily, the archive digitizes recordings of these performances. The following clips not only show the talent and spectacular band formations of the band over time, but also give a more personal look at the band. The clips that are on display show how, no matter what year it is, college students are very similar: they enjoy joking around, they work hard at what they love, and they continue traditions while adding their own spark to them. Overall, the video of the band looks at how the members have performed over the years, how they have mingled with the Kearney community, and how, no matter the decade, college students act alike.