Interlibrary Loan: End of Fall Semester Deadlines

Written by Sheryl Heidenreich, Interlibrary Loan & Document Delivery Librarian

Interlibrary Loan & Document Delivery (ILL/DD) obtains books and journal articles not available at the Calvin T. Ryan Library for UNK students, faculty, and staff. There is no charge for this service.

The following deadlines have been established for placing ILL/DD requests for the fall 2014 semester:

ILL/DD – End of Fall Semester 2014 Dates

Fall Semester 2014
Finals Week – 12.15 – 12.18.2014
Graduation – 12.19.2014

Last day to order books – undergrad and grad:     12.03.2014

Last day to order books – faculty and staff:     12.10.2014

Journal articles – all statuses:     we can continue to order through 12.17.2014

End-of-semester due-dates for Undergrads and Grads
Undergrads – 12.12.2014
Grads – 12.15.2014

ILL/DD may be accessed at, or from the library home page ( by selecting Borrowing from Other Libraries, under Services.

Questions and comments about UNK’s ILL/DD service may be directed to 308-865-8721 or

Library Hours During Spring Break

Written by Michael Sutherland, Web Services Librarian

The Calvin T. Ryan Library’s hours during March 22-29, 2014, which includes UNK’s Spring Break, are as follows:

Saturday, March 22 Closed
Sunday, March 23 Closed
Monday, March 24 –
Friday, March 28
Open 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Saturday, March 29 Closed
Sunday, March 30 Open 2:00pm – midnight; Regular spring semester hours resume

Research assistance is always available through the Library’s Ask a Librarian chat service online.  For more information on library hours please visit our hours page.

Whatever you will be doing next week, we hope you have a fun and relaxing break!

Native American Heritage Month

By Tone’ Mendoza,

Red Fox James, a Blackfoot Indian, rode on horseback in 1915 from state to state seeking official approval for a day to honor Indians. He delivered the endorsements of 24 states to the White House, but not until 1990 with President George H.W. Bush’s approved did the resolution designating the month of November as Native American Heritage Month become a reality.

First Nation people in Nebraska

About 15 tribes have been identified as having lived in, hunted in, or otherwise occupied territory within the current state boundaries of Nebraska: the Arapaho lived for more than a thousand years throughout the western part of Nebraska and was home to the Arikara and Pawnee. The Kiowa also once occupied western Nebraska as did the Cheyenne. The Comanche had formerly lived in the territory and moved south toward Texas. The Ponca were forced to move south into present day Oklahoma and others such as the Kansa, Omaha, Osage, and others were also forced to move out of the Nebraska area.  But it was the Great Sioux Nation and the Lakota that used Nebraska as a hunting ground.

Eventually they ceded their lands through various treaties to the U.S. Government, which rendered these among the lands it gave away to new settlers moving in from the east under the Homestead Act. Despite this, several Indian reservations still exist in Nebraska and one of the most famous confrontations between Native Americans, with their leaders, including Russell Means, and the US government came about on the Pine Ridge Reservation in the 1970s.

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Visit a National Park this summer!

The U.S. Department of the Interior is a cabinet-level agency that manages 9 bureaus, one being the National Park Service.  According to their website, 264 of the 397 national parks NEVER charge an entrance fee.  If you are planning a trip that will include multiple parks, the NPS does offer an $80 annual pass that provides entrance to over 2000 Federal lands, including all national parks, national wildlife refuges, national forests.

As of May 19, 2012, active duty service men and women – Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and activated National Guard and Reserves – can obtain the new military version of the America The Beautiful – The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Annual Pass.  The pass will be accepted at National Park Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Reclamation, Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service and U.S. Army Corps sites that charge entrance or standard amenity fees.

Check out the display on the upper level of Calvin T. Ryan Library!  All of these items in the display may be checked out for four weeks!!  We look forward to seeing you!

Maurice Sendak dies at 83, author of Where the Wild Things Are

Maurice Sendak, one of the most prolific children’s book artists of the 20th century, passed away this week due to complications from a recent stroke.

Most noted for writing and illustrating the book “Where the Wild Things Are,” he also wrote over 20 other books, and illustrated over 70 more works.  Calvin T. Ryan Library is proud to own over 50 of Mr. Sendak’s works as well as several books about the man and his work.

Click here to see the library’s holdings of Sendak’s materials and please stop by the library’s main floor and check out the current display, comprised of these materials and more.

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