Center for Service Learning

Written by, Laurinda Weisse, Archives Librarian

Center for Service Learning

The recently-closed Center for Service Learning, founded in 1999, was a long running project of UNK’s School of Education, led by Director Geraldine Stirtz. It grew from classes such as Human Services Field Experience and from the Community Education Resource Center. The Center for Service Learning’s goals included: increasing awareness of community needs, supporting faculty efforts to include community service in their curriculum, making community members more aware of service, and educating students so that they can later include service as a component in their own teaching. When it closed its doors, Director Stirtz contacted her library representative, who brought in the Archives. We worked with Director Stirtz to transfer her materials, related both the Center and to its predecessors, to the Archives.

Biology Department

Written by Sally Sinor, Project Archivist

Biology Department

The department of Biology has existed at the University of Nebraska-Kearney since its inception as a State Normal School in 1905.  The third floor of the Administration building contained four science laboratories, lecture rooms, and a storeroom.  Miss Carrie Ludden was one of the first biology instructors at the Normal School.  She began as an assistant in the department in October of 1906, but because of her ability she was placed in charge by 1912. 

UNK Archives and Special Collections is proud to care take the materials of the Biology Department as well as collections from faculty members such as Dr. William Bruner and Dr. Joseph Springer.


Pride of the Plains Marching Band

Written by Katy Anielak

Pride of the Plains Marching Band

The University of Nebraska at Kearney has a rich history with many memorable organizations that have existed throughout the years. One prominent organization that has thrived throughout Kearney’s history is the UNK Band. Over the years, the band has performed many different numbers and, luckily, the archive digitizes recordings of these performances. The following clips not only show the talent and spectacular band formations of the band over time, but also give a more personal look at the band. The clips that are on display show how, no matter what year it is, college students are very similar: they enjoy joking around, they work hard at what they love, and they continue traditions while adding their own spark to them. Overall, the video of the band looks at how the members have performed over the years, how they have mingled with the Kearney community, and how, no matter the decade, college students act alike.


Phi Tau Gamma – Alpha Tau Omega

Written by Laurinda Weisse, Archives Librarian

Phi Tau Gamma – Alpha Tau Omega

The fraternity Phi Tau Gamma began in 1915; it was one of the first fraternities on campus. In 1966, it inducted its first pledge class as Alpha Tau Omega (ATO). ATO existed until 2011; it is currently inactive, although alumni hope to revive it in the future. When ATO alumni were preparing for the organization’s 50th Anniversary as ATO, they contacted the Archives. Previously, they had housed a large quantity of material in one of the member’s barns. They knew that this was harming the materials, so were happy when the Archives was able to give their historical materials a safe home. We had ATO and Phi Tau Gamma materials already, as the long-time advisor to ATO left his collection to us, so adding additional materials let us build an even stronger collection. We love collections like this one, as it helps us tell the story of student life in Kearney.


UNK Alumni Association

Written by Sally Sinor, Project Archivist

UNK Alumni Association

On May 20, 1906, the first class of then Nebraska State Normal School at Kearney organized the Alumni Association and set forth its mission.

“To promote in every proper way the interests of the Normal School and to foster among its members a sentiment of regard for one another and attachment to their Alma Mater.”

UNK Archives and Special Collections serves as a repository for materials donated to the Alumni Association and provides access to the alumni publications Kearney Alumni Newsletter (1949-1969), Kearney State Today (1969-1974), K-Stater (1974-1992), and UNK Today (1992– Present).



Microsoft Word - World Theater flyer spring 2017

Written by Sally Sinor, Project Archivist

The fourth season of UNK@theWorld kicks off Tuesday, February 7 with Ixcanul; a Guatemalan film about a young girl who wants to emigrate to the United States instead of going through with the marriage her parents arranged for her. Prior to the film, a free appetizer bar will be provided by Komal Mexican restaurant. Join us at the World Theatre for this spectacular Kaqchikel language film with subtitles. There is no admission charge but free will donations will be gratefully accepted.

De-Stress for Success

Written by Rochelle Krueger, Curriculum Librarian


Finals have you stressed?  No worries!  There are several events on campus to help you through those stressful times.

The First Year Program De-Stress Fest is Thursday, December 8 from 7-9 pm in Cushing. There will be numerous yard games and other de-stressing activities for students.

The Learning Commons, located on the 2nd floor of the Library, will provide a stress-free environment for students to come study or even get away from the studying for a while with board games, puzzles, coloring sheets, and more!

Come and check out the variety of ways to let it go.