New Databases Available


Visible Body
Visible Body Premium is a suite of 3D anatomy applications with interactive 3D models, animations and learning tools. It includes Human Anatomy Atlas, Muscle Premium, Skeleton Premium, Heart & Circulatory Premium and Physiology Animations. Our subscription includes online access and the mobile apps for these applications. From the main access page, click on the icon for one of the 5 applications. Click Launch to access the Desktop version. Click on Mobile Access to install apps. Make sure you are connected to the University wifi.

Links:   Troubleshooting FAQ    Keyboard Shortcuts    Help Center

Nexis Uni (formerly Lexis Nexis Academic)
Nexis Uni™ features more than 15,000 news, business and legal sources from LexisNexis—including U.S. Supreme Court decisions dating back to 1790—with an intuitive interface that offers quick discovery across all content types, personalization features such as Alerts and saved searches and a collaborative workspace with shared folders and annotated documents.

Links:   Top 10 Nexix Uni Features to Explore   Nexis Uni FAQ

Hein Online (available on a trial basis)
HeinOnline is the world’s largest fully searchable, image-based government document and legal research database. It contains comprehensive coverage from inception of both U.S. statutory materials, U.S. Congressional Documents and more than 2,500 scholarly journals, all of the world’s constitutions, all U.S. treaties, collections of classic treatises and presidential documents, and access to the full text of state and federal case law powered by Fastcase. This Government, Politics & Law HeinOnline 18-database package offers special collections on Criminal Justice, Religion and the Law and Women and the Law among others.

Links:   HeinOnline User’s Guide   HeinOnline Blog

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