Pride of the Plains Marching Band

Written by Katy Anielak

Pride of the Plains Marching Band

The University of Nebraska at Kearney has a rich history with many memorable organizations that have existed throughout the years. One prominent organization that has thrived throughout Kearney’s history is the UNK Band. Over the years, the band has performed many different numbers and, luckily, the archive digitizes recordings of these performances. The following clips not only show the talent and spectacular band formations of the band over time, but also give a more personal look at the band. The clips that are on display show how, no matter what year it is, college students are very similar: they enjoy joking around, they work hard at what they love, and they continue traditions while adding their own spark to them. Overall, the video of the band looks at how the members have performed over the years, how they have mingled with the Kearney community, and how, no matter the decade, college students act alike.


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