Phi Tau Gamma – Alpha Tau Omega

Written by Laurinda Weisse, Archives Librarian

Phi Tau Gamma – Alpha Tau Omega

The fraternity Phi Tau Gamma began in 1915; it was one of the first fraternities on campus. In 1966, it inducted its first pledge class as Alpha Tau Omega (ATO). ATO existed until 2011; it is currently inactive, although alumni hope to revive it in the future. When ATO alumni were preparing for the organization’s 50th Anniversary as ATO, they contacted the Archives. Previously, they had housed a large quantity of material in one of the member’s barns. They knew that this was harming the materials, so were happy when the Archives was able to give their historical materials a safe home. We had ATO and Phi Tau Gamma materials already, as the long-time advisor to ATO left his collection to us, so adding additional materials let us build an even stronger collection. We love collections like this one, as it helps us tell the story of student life in Kearney.


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