Protecting student-athletes: Read about the debate

Written by Jon Ritterbush, E-Resources and Serials Librarian

The debate over protecting and compensating student-athletes has gained greater attraction since a 2014 government ruling found that collegiate football players, under scholarship, are employees under the National Labor Relations Act. Should student-athletes have the right to other compensation, or to form a union and bargain collectively? What protections should be afforded to student-athletes who sustain sports-related injuries?

The June 2015 issues of Congressional Digest provides several perspectives on these questions, as well as a summary of recent legislative and executive branch actions related to this topic. Congressional Digest and its sister publications, Supreme Court Debates and International Debates, are all listed and accessible online from the library’s Articles & Databases collections. Here is a sampling of recent topics also addressed in these publications:

Please see the Articles & Databases listing for “Current Events and Issues” for Congressional Digest Debates and other library databases providing current news content and/or viewpoints.

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