2015 ‘State of E-Resources’ at UNK

Written by Jon Ritterbush, E-Resources and Serials Librarian

On January 20th, President Obama delivered his “State of the Union” address to a joint session of Congress. In the same spirit, the Calvin T. Ryan Library presents its annual “State of E-Resources at UNK” report:As of December 31, 2014, the library provides access to:

The most significant addition of 2014 was LOPERSearch, the library’s discovery resource that simplifies searching across dozens of databases and the library’s catalog simultaneously. During 2014, LOPERSearch users logged 164,841 searches. Kudos to UNK Library users for this impressive feat!

Please stay tuned as new additions to the library’s online collections are posted to In Brief Online. New e-resources have already been added in 2015, including Mergent Online and Business Expert Press ebooks, as well as Congressional Digest Debates. Librarians will be evaluating other new resources in the months ahead, but library users’ suggestions for new databases, books/ebooks, and journals are welcomed too! For questions or suggestions regarding e-resources and journal subscriptions, please contact Jon Ritterbush at 308-865-8585 or at ritterbushjr@unk.edu.

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