Tim Slessor presentation November 4, 2014

The Library, along with the departments of History, Sociology, English and Communications, will host speaker and retired BBC documentary producer Tim Slessor, November 4, at 3:30, in Copeland Hall, room 131.

His presentation on “Immigrants”  will include stories of westward settlement, particularly, where those tales concern immigrants from Britain. Slessor begins his presentation by discussing his fascination with the American West and examining some of the points where the UK and the U.S. have their similarities and their differences.

Nebraskans do not have to look hard to see where the Brits may have had an early presence: Oxford, Cambridge, Crawford, Norfolk, Bridgeport, Exeter, Litchfield, Lancaster, Wakefield, Walton and at least a dozen more. The same is true in Wyoming and Montana. But perhaps more interesting are the stories of individual immigrants – especially the well-to-do second sons of England’s landed gentry. What, for example, brought the Queen to spend a week on a horse-ranch in the shadow of Wyoming’s Big Horn Mountains? Who in the 1920’s, after his father – the Earl of Portsmouth – and then his elder brother died, uniquely had a seat in the Wyoming Legislature and the and the House of Lords? Of course, there is much more to it than that as Slessor shares in his presentation and in his book More than Cowboys.

Tim Slessor’s presentation is made possible by the Mari Sandoz High Plains Heritage Center at Chadron State College through a private donation to the Chadron State Foundation.

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