ERIC Database Access

Written by Jennifer Harvey, Curriculum Librarian

Access to content through the ERIC Database has been limited for several months and will remain limited over the near term. Though access to the full set of data will not be restored for several years if the project proceeds at the same speed as it has progressed thus far, it is possible to request that documents be prioritized and emailed to the patron. The turnaround time for documents requested to be prioritized is weeks, however. When searching in the database, unavailable documents will result in this page being displayed:


To request that the item be prioritized, click on the hyperlinked word “form” on the message and complete the form.

The change in access to ERIC documents resulted when it was discovered that private information was included in a document. Reviewing all documents prior to making them available online has resulted in the limited access now experienced with the resource.

The library subscribes to several education databases that make excellent substitutions for ERIC during this time. These resources are listed on the Teacher Education Subject Guide.

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