New same-sex household data from the 2010 Census released

The recently released Same-sex Couple Household Statistics from the 2010 Census revises estimates released earlier in the summer.  Having reworked the numbers by editing against several factors, including validating names by gender, the Census Bureau writers of the report state that the percentage of all United States households headed by same-sex couples is 0.773 (total households = 116,716,292; total same sex couple households = 901,997).

The graph located below shows the percentage of same-sex households by state (note, the American Community Survey (ACS) 2010 data is collected by the Census Bureau, but is not a part of the 2010 Census; it is included to validate the census findings).   

The national average of 0.773 intersects with the Census summary file counts (the blue line; note this is not the corrected estimates line) about at the position of North Carolina. Of the states and district that, at the time of the census, issued marriage certificates to same sex couples (CT, IA, MA, NH, VT, and D.C.) and the states that did not perform same sex marriages but recognized them from other states (Maryland, New York, and Rhode Island), only Iowais not above the national average.  Just below Iowa is Nebraska with a percentage of .33 same sex households (721,130 total households; 2,356 same sex households), followed by Wyoming, South Dakota and North Dakota.

The revised data has been analyzed by the Williams Institute of the UCLA School of Law. Here is the distribution of same-sex couple households in Nebraska:

Same-sex couples per 1,000 households by census tract (adjusted)

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