ILL/DD Recognition of Excellence Award Reception

Please join us in the Library for a reception to honor the Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery team upon earning the ‘Recognition of Excellence’ award for July 2011. Come and enjoy cake and beverages and share your ILL/DD success stories!

What?     Reception in Honor of the Calvin T. Ryan Library Interlibrary Loan / Document Delivery Team
When?    Thursday July 28, 2:30 p.m.
Where?  Calvin T. Ryan Library, main floor


Interlibrary Loan & Document Delivery Team
(Sheryl Heidenreich, Alta Kramer, Audry Caldwell, Li Meng, Yinan Wang, Yan Xiong and Chuanyao Zheng)

Recognition of Excellence Award

July, 2011

Research is the lifeblood of the University.  Quietly, behind the scenes, with little recognition, the ILL/DD staff at UNK makes it possible for undergraduate and graduate students and faculty and staff to pursue research in all fields of enquiry.  The ILL team is largely taken for granted.  We forget that without their services it would be impossible for many undergraduate students to complete their routine course assignments, or for Undergraduate Research and Summer Research fellows to complete their funded projects.  When graduate students are writing seminar papers or Theses, they take for granted that ILL is available.  When professors are writing scholarly books and articles, they also take ILL for granted.  At every level of scholarship, ILL is crucial to success.  Yet the ILL staff is largely invisible, seldom thanked, and often criticized.  When materials are recalled, they get the blame.  When host institutions do not fill requests, they get blamed.  It must be tough to work so hard at such a critical task and so seldom received affirmation.

I am the typical professor who has used ILL throughout my career and never stopped to really thank them for what they do.  This semester I have been working on a funded book manuscript, and I have placed hundreds of ILL requests.  I have requested manuscript material from the Canadian Archives, obscure conference proceedings from the 19th century, and sources that I know about only through vague and incomplete references in books a century old.  To my amazement, the ILL team has tracked down and acquired successfully almost every request I have made, at times making direct contact with archivists and librarians in many states and nations to make special arrangements for loans.  My work, like that of many students and professors could not possibly be completed without this kind of committed and efficient professionalism.

I want to nominate for recognition the ILL/DD team:  Sheryl Heidenreich, Alta Kramer, and their work study students.  Without them we would not be a research institution.  I hope that we can give them the big thanks that they deserve for the hard work that they are doing for us all.