Budget cuts threaten government information resources

Written by Rochelle Krueger, Lecturer/Government Documents Librarian

Although a shutdown of the federal government was averted on April 8, 2011, the impact of budgetary cutbacks on government websites and publications continues.  This information is subject to change, but this is the latest relayed information we have available.

Federal News Radio has reported that the Office of Management and Budget is planning to take several websites dark in two months because of a lack of funding, including:

Two others, USASpending.gov and Apps.gov/now, will run through July 30, 2011, but are expected to go dark soon after.

A serious loss is the probable discontinuation of the Statistical Abstract of the United States.  The Census Bureau has decided, due to budgetary constraints, to discontinue this valuable resource (see page CEN-79).  Published since 1878, the print and online version of this publication will cease with the 130th edition.  For more information regarding this decision, please see this March 28 Information Today article.  A Facebook page to save the Statistical Abstract has been started at:  http://on.fb.me/gACxMb.

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