Search and view free Energy Department videos

Written by Rochelle Krueger, Lecturer/Government Documents Librarian

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recently announced the launch of ScienceCinema, a multimedia search tool using speech recognition technology.  This tool allows users to locate video files produced by the DOE National Laboratories and related research facilities.  According to the press release, “when users search for specific scientific words and phrases of interest to them, precise snippets of the video where the specific search term was spoken will appear along with a timeline.  Users can then select a snippet or a segment along the timeline to begin playing the video at the exact point in the video where the words were spoken.  The timeline is synced with transcripts of the targeted portion of the video.”

These DOE videos cover a range of issues in the news recently.  View a 2010 Congressional briefing about future plans to utilize nuclear energy in the United States, or a 2010 video on the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster, and its impact on wildlife.

ScienceCinema can be searched on the spoken word, or by using the advanced search feature, called “bibliographic search.”  The video database will initially include 1,000 hours of content, and will continue to expand as new videos are released. The ScienceCinema database is publicly accessible (no login required), and is listed on the library’s “Articles & E-Resources” webpage under the “S”s, as well as the subjects of “Chemistry,” “Physics,” and “Images and Sound Files.”

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