Do you know the QR code for research help?

Written by Jon Ritterbush, Electronic Resources Librarian

Around campus, you may have noticed table tents, posters, and contact cards featuring a black-and-white box, containing dozens of smaller squares in seemingly-random patterns.  These are Quick Response (QR) Codes, and they are becoming more commonly used in print media for marketing to mobile phone users.

This library contact card includes a QR Code which, once scanned, links to a mobile-version of the Ask Us 24-7 webpage.

QR codes have been around since 1994, but only recently have seen broader use for linking readers from a magazine article or advertisement to a website, or to a small amount of text, such as contact information or food recipes.

Decoding a QR code typically requires a mobile phone equipped with a camera, and a software “reader” app on that phone which decodes the QR code.  Two free and commonly-used QR reader apps for mobile phones include:  NeoReader and ScanLife.

Research help is available even without a QR reader!  Please ask at the main floor Reference Desk or call 308-865-8586 or 1-866-454-4865 (toll-free). Questions may also be submitted anytime via email or instant message to the library’s Ask Us 24/7 service at: