Mobile interface available for EBSCOhost databases

Written by Jon Ritterbush, Electronic Resources Librarian

EBSCOhost Mobile interface
Search for articles on a mobile device using EBSCOhost Mobile

EBSCOhost Mobile is a collection of article databases optimized for display on smartphones and other mobile devices.

Click here to try EBSCOhost Mobile, or find links to this interface from any of the library’s EBSCO databases.

EBSCOhost Mobile has been tested on the most popular smartphones including:

  • BlackBerry
  • Dell Axiom
  • iPhone
  • Palm 750

The Web browser on your mobile device must have javascript enabled in order to use EBSCOhost Mobile. Note: BlackBerry users can refer to the following link for information on enabling javascript:

We welcome your comments about using the EBSCOhost Mobile interface on a mobile device.  Please use the comment form provided below to submit your feedback; comments will be moderated by the library Publications Committee.

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