Errors in new APA style manual

Written by Jennifer Harvey, Curriculum Librarian

The first printing of the newest (sixth) edition  of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) was printed with errors.   APA has acknowledged the errors in this printing and provides corrections for the sample papers and addresses the known typographical errors.

The library holds three copies of this sixth edition affected by errors.   Stickers have been placed on their covers to alert users to the known errors and that other errors may yet be discovered.  It also advises that reviewing the APA Web page is recommended.  The library may purchase corrected printings of the sixth edition when they are available.

These links may be helpful for APA style users:

APA styles’ blog—for updates on the error situation,

APA style’s home page—for general information about the APA style,

APA styles’ online learning tools—for tutorials and other learning resources about using APA style.