Library home page features new search tool

Written by Jon Ritterbush, Electronic Resources Librarian

With the launch of the Enhanced Catalog on September 17, the library has updated its home page to feature a new search tool. By clicking on various tabs in this search tool, as shown below, researchers may access one of four different search tools: the Enhanced Catalog, the Journal Finder, the Multi-Search tool formerly known as Research Pro, and

This search widget appears on the library homepage (
This search tool appears on the library home page (

The Enhanced Catalog provides access to books, videos, government documents and some electronic resources in the library’s catalog. Just click on the “Enhanced Catalog” tab, enter your search term, click on the “Search” button or press the Enter key, and results from the Enhanced Catalog will be displayed along with options for refining these search results. If you prefer the catalog’s original user interface, a link to the Classic Catalog is also available below the search box.  More information about the Enhanced Catalog is available in this September 10, 2009 In Brief Online posting.

The Journal Finder tab allows researchers to quickly identify whether a specific journal title is available in full-text from one of the library’s online databases, or in print or microform at the library. If you have a citation for an 1994 article from the Journal of American History, click on the ”Journal Finder” tab, type in the journal title, and click “Search” to discover that the library has copies in print and JSTOR offers online access. For advanced search options, follow the link under the Journal Finder search box.

The Multi-Search tab provides a single search box which searches for articles over four databases, plus books and other resources in the library catalog. This resource formerly resided in the same space on the library home page and was known as ResearchPro. Researchers may also want to “select a different group” of databases, which focus on education, business or other areas, by following this named link below the search box.

The tab enables researchers to search for materials from over 10,000 libraries worldwide. If you provide your zip code, the search results from can provide a list of libraries closest to you which own a particular book or video. Additional search options are also available at the website. Books not owned by UNK may be requested through Interlibrary Loan.

If you don’t remember these tabs’ functions later, just mouseover each tab to view helpful “tooltip” reminders above the search tool!