Discover more about Hispanic Heritage Month at the Library

Written by Toné Mendoza, Diversity Specialist Librarian

The library has great information resources online and in print related to Hispanic/Iberian culture, and ethnic, cultural, and cross-cultural topics, in general. For example, try searching in library databases related to Ethnic Studies and International Studies for recent research and journal articles related to Hispanic heritage or other multicultural issues. Or, do a keyword search in the catalog for information about Hispanic culture, Hispanic American assimilation, border security, guest workers, emigration and immigration law, among other subjects.

Library E-books for Further Exploration
(off campus access requires authentication):

•    Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture
•    Encyclopedia of Multicultural Psychology
•    To be an American : cultural pluralism and the rhetoric of assimilation
•    Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life

Other Online Links for Hispanic Heritage Month:

•    Hispanic Heritage Month (statistics from the Census Bureau)
•    Hispanic Congressional Caucus Washington, D.C. (events calendar for Hispanic Heritage Month)
•    Celebrate Hispanic Heritage
•    The History Channel

Scholarship Information:

•    2008 Guide to Applying for Financial Aid and Scholarships
•    2008-2009 National Directory of Scholarships, Internships, and Fellowships for Latino Youth