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Research fictional works with Artemis Literary Sources

Posted by Jon Ritterbush on February 9, 2016

Artemis Literary Sources

Written by Jon Ritterbush, E-Resources and Serials Librarian

Welcome to our Database Spotlight column, a monthly feature from the Calvin T. Ryan Library. This month’s featured database is Artemis Literary Sources.

Link:  Access is available off-campus to UNK students and employees using an EASI username and password.

Focus: Artemis Literary Sources provides a unified search portal for researching literary figures and their works.

Search: Artemis Literary Sources can be searched by keyword. Its “Topic Finder” also allows users to enter one term and identify additional related terms.

Why you should know this database:  Artemis Literary Sources includes author biographies and interviews, overviews of literary works, literary criticisms, and full-text poems and short stories.

Sample results page: Artemis Literary Sources results related to author Harper Lee

Cost: The subscription to Artemis Literary Sources cost $14,649 for 2015-16 and is paid by the library using Student Library Fees. For more information about this resource, please contact a UNK librarian.

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2016 ‘State of E-Resources’ at UNK

Posted by Jon Ritterbush on January 27, 2016

Written by Jon Ritterbush, E-Resources and Serials Librarian

On January 12th, President Obama delivered his “State of the Union” address to a joint session of Congress. In the same spirit, the Calvin T. Ryan Library presents its annual “State of E-Resources” report to UNK students and employees.

As of December 31, 2015, the library provides access to:

LOPERSearch remains one of the library’s most impressive online services as it simplifies searching across dozens of databases and the library’s catalog simultaneously. During 2015, LOPERSearch users logged 249,298 searches – a 51% increase over 2014’s inaugural year of this service!

Please stay tuned as new additions to the library’s online collections are posted to In Brief Online. New e-resources have already been added in 2016 including the Taylor & Francis e-journal collection. Librarians will be evaluating other new resources in the months ahead, but library users are encouraged to also suggest new purchases online!

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Danish Children Growing Up American

Posted by doubetsr on January 22, 2016

Written by Sally Sinor, Project Archivist

The Calvin T. Ryan Library at UNK is pleased to host Danish Children Growing Up American January 15 through February 29. Created as a collaboration between The Danish American Archive and Library (DAAL) and University of Nebraska at Omaha, the exhibit features roughly 50 photos showing various stages of a Danish immigrant child’s life at the turn of the 20th century, from infancy to their early teens. All of the photos came from the DAAL’s collections and were selected out of tens of thousands of wonderful photos housed at the Archive.

Several phases of life are depicted. Among other things the exhibit shows immigration, both to and from Denmark, children at play, the clothes and costumes they wore, life on the farm, religious life and education. Several touching photos show the impact death had on the lives of these children, whether it was the death of a sibling or the death of a parent which resulted in their being sent to an orphanage. And the affection the parents had for their children and the children for each other is evident from the many compelling formal photographs they paid to have taken.

Although the photos depict Danish children, their experience is universal among immigrant children of the time, no matter what their nationality. In fact immigrant children today are still experiencing some of the same or even greater challenges that these earlier children faced.

Before traveling to Kearney, the exhibit was displayed at the Criss Library at University of Nebraska at Omaha, Cedar Falls Public Library, the Love Library at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, the Museum of Danish America in Elk Horn, Iowa, and the Denver Public Library.

In conjunction with the exhibit, historical materials have been loaned from Dannebrog’s Columbia Hall and Tom’s Danish Baker to illustrate Danish influence in central Nebraska. Dannebrog was settled in the 1870s by Lars Hannibal, president of the Danish Land and Homestead Company. In 1872, the first post office was established and in 1886 the first railroad track was laid through town. The Nebraska Legislature proclaimed Dannebrog as the Danish Capital of Nebraska in 1989.

The exhibit is free and open to the public during Library hours (Mon – Thurs 7:30AM-Midnight, Fri 7:30AM- 5PM, Sat 10AM – 5PM, Sun 2PM – Midnight). A Fastelavn celebration is scheduled for February 9th.

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January 26th is Institutional Repository Day at UNK

Posted by doubetsr on January 22, 2016

Written by Susan Mueller, Coordinator of Collection Services, Professor

January 26 is IR Day at UNK. IR stands for Institutional Repository. Join your colleagues for an overview and discussion of bepress Digital Commons, a digital repository and publishing platform.
The Calvin T. Ryan Library wants everyone to become familiar with the possibilities of this great tool.

An IR is a system for gathering in one place all the valuable digital work being produced on campus, in order to showcase and disseminate it for maximum effect. Content in Digital Commons is optimized for discovery, access, and scholarly impact on the open web.
This is an opportunity to learn how Digital Commons might support research, teaching, and public engagement on campus. The presentations will explore the variety of content that would benefit from being showcased in a university repository:

Faculty research. This includes the full spectrum of faculty digital scholarship, from already published research articles to reports, working papers, data sets, video, creative works, and more. The platform showcases individual departments, centers, and programs, as well as individual faculty profile pages.
Student research. Possible examples include undergraduate research, theses and dissertations, honors projects, creative work, student events, and student-edited journals and publications.
Open Educational Resources. The platform’s multimedia capabilities allow the university to share with the world all the valuable curricular materials learning objects produced on campus, as well as to give faculty and instructors the opportunity to author and publish open access textbooks.
Scholarly publishing. Digital Commons is a professional publishing platform and supports online peer review and publishing, lowering the barriers to publish and manage digital journals, books, and conferences.
University publications and administrative documents, including annual reports,
marketing materials, an archive of press releases, and campus archival

Irene Kamotsky of bepress will be giving all of the presentations in the
Academic Affairs Conference Room, Room 2047, Founders Hall.
The various presentations will be at the following times:

8-8:30 – General Session
9-9:30 – Dean’s Council
10-10:30 – Focus on Undergraduate Work
11-11:30 – Focus on Faculty Research
1-1:30 – General Session (Repeat of morning session)
2-2:30 – Focus on Faculty Research (Repeat of morning session)
3-3:30 – Focus on Undergraduate Work (Repeat of morning session)
4-4:30 – Focus on Visibility and University Marketing

Each session will provide a good overview of IR’s, so if you have a time conflict with the session you most want to attend, feel free to drop-in on any of them. Hope to see you there!

Questions?? Send them to either Susan Mueller (8853) or Janet Wilke (8546)

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University of Nebraska libraries gain consortial access to Taylor & Francis journals

Posted by Jon Ritterbush on January 8, 2016

Written by Jon Ritterbush, E-Resources and Serials Librarian

UNK has joined with other University of Nebraska libraries to secure consortial access to the Taylor & Francis journal collection. Where UNK previously subscribed to only 75 Taylor & Francis titles, working together, all NU libraries now have access to 2,100 titles spanning disciplines across the social sciences, humanities, science, technology, and medical fields – and at a lower cost than could be achieved by the individual campuses. Below is a small sample of the journal titles available through Taylor & Francis:

Access to Taylor & Francis journal titles extends from the current issue back to 1997 in many cases.

Titles and hyperlinks to all of the 2,100 journals are available by searching the catalog, or by accessing Taylor and Francis Online through the “Articles & Databases” alphabetical listing (under “T”) and many of the subject listings. Links to Taylor & Francis journals also appear within the library’s Journal Finder.

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