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UNK Fall Break

Posted by doubetsr on October 14, 2016

Written by Sam Doubet, Technology Coordinator

The Calvin T. Ryan Library’s hours during October 15-18, 2016, which includes UNK Fall Break, is as follows:

                                     CTR Library

Saturday, October 15         Closed
Sunday,   October 16         Closed
Monday,   October 17         7:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday,  October 18         Regular Fall semester hours resume.

For more information on library hours please visit our hours page.
On behalf of everyone at Calvin t Ryan library, have a fun and safe Fall Break.

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Don Welch 1932-2016

Posted by doubetsr on August 17, 2016


“After I die,think of me occasionally.I want to see the worldthrough your eyes.”(1)

A Nebraska iconic poet and retired UNK English professor Don Welch died at the age of 84 in his home last Saturday.  How does one write a tribute to such a great man?  I can only follow his advice and put one word after the other to see where it leads.  He has long since retired however, decades later is still leaving lasting impressions upon the Kearney campus.  To quote Shaun Friedrichsen, a recent UNK graduate and Fairbury news editor, “I am forever grateful for that stability, which allowed me to get to where I’m at today.“  It is not just the statue that rests in honor of his contributions for years to come, it is the lasting imprints of wisdom and advice to the UNK community.  It is we that will take care to honor him, in his absence, by creating memorable air.


About your classrooms

“The unimaginative believe there are no rooms which remember those who absent them,

That absence vacuums everything in its sleep.

Not so. For years what moves in a classroom are its vital ghosts.

It’s true, those who hated these rooms or suffered them impassively are gone.

Not you.  The good memory of yourselves is what you’ve earned to.

For you these classrooms have been the ivory of a narwhale’s tusk,

And you our scrimshaw artists intricate at work.

You have honored us by taking such remarkable care.

Few shape absence into memorable air.”

Don Welch


To read more about Don Welch follow the links below.

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New York Times digital editions now available to UNK students and employees

Posted by Jon Ritterbush on July 14, 2016

Written by Jon Ritterbush, E-Resources and Serials Librarian

The Calvin T. Ryan Library is pleased to announce that online access to The New York Times is now available to any student or employee using a UNK email address. This new resource is funded by the library’s credit hour fee and by the American Democracy Project at UNK.

The New York Times may be accessed on- or off-campus using a standard web browser or the Timesmobile app available for a variety of devices.  This site license provides online access to the Times’ archives dating back to 1851 as well as access to “Today’s Paper” a virtual replica of today’s print edition.  Access to the U.S., International, Chinese, and Spanish language editions are available as is the Times’ growing collection of video content.

To login and access the Times, UNK students and employees must first register with a UNK email address (i.e. or at the following link:

Once registered, this UNK email address and password of your choosing will be valid for one year after which a user may renew their pass using a UNK email address.

This link to register and login to the New York Times is also available from the library’s “Articles & Databases” alphabetical listings.  Please ask a librarian if you have any questions regarding registration or access to The New York Times.

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UNK Celebrates 25 Years

Posted by doubetsr on June 30, 2016

Happy Birthday UNK!  We are Celebrating 25 years as the University of Nebraska at Kearney.  The library will close from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM on Friday, July 1st, to celebrate.

 “The community is welcome to gather with UNK at 9 a.m. July 1 under the Peterson-Yanney Bell Tower for a casual celebration breakfast noting the 25th anniversary of Kearney State College becoming University of Nebraska at Kearney.  The celebration is free and open to the public. The event will last less than an hour.

Chancellor Doug Kristensen and special guests will greet guests and reflect on the occasion. A similar celebration at the same location on July 1, 1991, marked the official transition from KSC to UNK.

The event marks an entire year of celebration for UNK. A website featuring the previous events, photos and videos from those occasions, and a place to leave comments and memories, is online at

UNK to celebrate 25th birthday with July 1 breakfast. (2016, July 21). Retrieved from

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Calvin T. Ryan Library Celebrates Retiring Personnel

Posted by doubetsr on April 27, 2016

ctr1-Library retirement celebration.jpg

From left to right Anthanett C. Mendoza, Jeanne D. Schultz, and Lavonne Fries are shown after a retirement
banquet honoring their years of service to Calvin T. Ryan Library and UNK.

Anthanett C. Mendoza

Anthanett joined the University of Nebraska at Kearney in September 2008 working in the Library as a Diversity Specialist/Lecturer.  When asked about her greatest accomplishment at UNK she says, “In coming to UNK I have regained a forgotten appreciation I had for our clearly-defined commitment to educate and support each new generation of students, scholars and talent, a commitment which is, in fact, an act of love.”  For advice Anthanett would give to new employees she says, “Enjoy the experience by actively engaging in part of what is your life of inquiry here at UNK.  Every one of us leaves a mark here – no matter what our position – so do not fail to enjoy your experience here and leave your mark.”  Retirement plans for Anthanett include reading the many works that she has promised to over the many decades – like Goethe’s works or Burke, Gibbons, Bill and Chris Buckley!  She hopes to reread many favorites that have acted as reliable guides from which Anthanett gleamed the exact wisdom needed at that juncture in time.  Education is an ongoing affair for Anthanett and she hopes to research topics of personal interests such as Zen or the Medici; take classes about the area and people of the Levant; travel and explore places such as the rest of Nebraska and the Rockies, Berlin, Prague and, of course, Dublin.  As a final thought to everyone, Anthanett would like to say, “Enjoy this moment at UNK and your life!”

Jeanne D. Schultz

Jeanne Schultz began working for Kearney State College on May 14, 1979 as an office Assistant II in the Calvin T. Ryan Library Cataloging Department.  She has worked in the same position for all 37 years receiving five job description changes advancing to a higher level each time.  Her most recent reclassification changed her title to Cataloging Associate.  Jeanne feels her greatest accomplishment was working with the students.  She says, “They helped me with several of the duties required in the Cataloging Department.  I try to make them feel comfortable and enjoy doing the tasks assigned to them.”  As for advice Jeanne would give to new employees just starting their career as UNK, Jeanne says, “Be patient and listen to what someone is trying to tell you.  Sometimes a student just needs someone that cares to listen to them.”  Jeanne’s immediate family includes two daughters, a son, and five grandchildren.  She also has 2 very special sisters.  Jeanne says, “My family is my life and I have hopes of being able to visit all of them quite often – this means going to South Dakota, Iowa, Tennessee and Florida.”  Other plans for retirement include putting several years of family photographs into albums.  Her two inquisitive kitties will enjoy helping her with the project.  Jeanne says, “My family is my life and I have hopes of being able to visit all of them quite often – this means going to South Dakota, Iowa, Tennessee and Florida.”  Other plans for retirement include putting several years of family photographs into albums.  Her two inquisitive kitties will enjoy helping her with the project.  Jeanne says, “I am going to miss working at UNK.  My decision to retire was a hard one to make and I am going to miss the people I have worked with these many years.”

LaVonne Fries

LaVonne Fries started at Kearney State College in October of 1984 in the Cataloging Department of the Calvin T. Ryan Library as a Retrospective Conversion Assistant.  She also held positions in the Library as an Assistant in the Curriculum and Serials Departments.  LaVonne says her greatest accomplishments at UNK have been working with a variety of people; the ability to catalog DVDs and CDs; and recognizing photos from years ago for the Archive Department.  Advice LaVonne would give to new employees just starting at UNK include “Be open to learn new things every day.  Talk with people you meet – you’ll make a lot of friends!”  Lavonne also says she loved the international students who came to UNK.  Her plans for retirement include doing more traveling, quilting and spending time with her seven grandchildren.  A point of interest about LaVonne is that she has received her master gardener certificate.  So don’t be surprised if you don’t see LaVonne digging in the dirt!  She thinks she may have been a farmer in a former life.

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